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Main areas that will be supported are: low carbon economy, environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, transport and energy security as well as healthcare and cultural heritage.

Areas of support and types of projects that can be implemented under the Infrastructure and Environment Programme:

  1. Shifting towards a low carbon economy
    1. Production of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES),
    2. Improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in enterprises, public infrastructures and in the housing sector,
    3. Heating and cooling networks,
    4. High-efficiency cogeneration of heat and electricity.
  2. Environmental protection including adaptation to climate change
    1. Development of environmental infrastructure,
    2. Protection and halting the loss of biodiversity,
    3. Improving the quality of urban environment.
  3. Development of the TEN-T road network and multimodal transport
    1. Development of road infrastructure in the TEN-T network,
    2. Improvement of road and air traffic safety,
    3. Intermodal, maritime and inland waterway transport.
  4. Road infrastructure for the cities
    1. Improvement of accessibility of the cities and of road infrastructure capacity.
  5. Development of railway transport in Poland
    1. Development of railway within the TEN-T network, outside of it and development of urban railway.
  6. Development of low-carbon public transport in cities
    1. Infrastructure and fleet for public collective transport in the cities and urban functional areas.
  7. Improving energy security
    1. Developing smart systems of distribution, storage and transmission of natural gas and electricity,
    2. Construction and expansion of natural gas storage facilities,
    3. Expansion of the LNG terminal.
  8. Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources
    1. Investments in protection and development of the cultural heritage as well as cultural resources, e.g. cultural institutions, art schools.
  9. Strengthening the strategic healthcare infrastructure
    1. Support for the National Medical Rescue System infrastructure,
    2. Support for the infrastructure of supra-regional hospitals and diagnostic units dealing with diseases related to professional activity and care for mother and child.