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A Monitoring Committee is established for each programme. This Committee is responsible primarily for:

  • carrying out systematic assessments of the progress in the implementation of the programme,
  • analysing issues which may have an impact on the implementation of the programme’s objectives,
  • carrying out consultations with regard to proposed changes to the programme and accepting such changes,adopting project evaluation criteria.

The Monitoring Committee consists of the representatives of central and local government and social and economic partners. Representatives of the European Commission also take part in the Monitoring Committee’s work, acting as advisors. Furthermore, representatives of other institutions may also take part in the Committee’s meetings as observers.

Contact details:

Secretariat of the Infrastructure and Environment Programme Monitoring Committee
Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
Departament Programów Infrastrukturalnych (Eng. Department of Infrastructural Programmes)
address: ul. Wspólna 2/4, 00-926 Warsaw (POLAND)